Moonwalk Photography is the synthesis of my time on Hawaii. As much as I love photography, I’ve never been good at self promotion. And although I maintain another business and website under the Tom Dean Productions brand, it was my goal with Moonwalk Photography to be able to promote my photography on all levels, without prejudice.

Moonwalk Photography is a name that may not have personal significance to me behind it, but it is a name that speaks to the imagination and evokes a sense of wonder and adventure. The idea of taking a “moonwalk” is associated with exploring new territory, breaking free from the constraints of gravity, and seeing the world from a new perspective. These are all qualities that can be attributed to the art of photography.As I brainstormed for a few days, the name came to me out of the blue, and the domain just happened to be available!

Furthermore, Moonwalk Photography represents a departure from the traditional approach of self-promotion in the photography industry. By creating a separate brand that is focused solely on photography, the photographer is able to showcase their work without any preconceptions or biases. This allows potential clients to focus on the quality of the work itself, rather than any preconceived notions about the photographer.

In essence, Moonwalk Photography is a name that captures the spirit of adventure, exploration, and creativity that are essential to the art of photography. By embodying these qualities, the brand is able to stand out in a crowded market and attract clients who are looking for something unique and innovative.

The tagline of “it’s the experience” speaks to my philosophy that the process of capturing a moment is just as important as the final product. I believes that photography is not just about taking pictures, but about creating an experience that is memorable, enjoyable, and stress-free for their clients. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the photographs, I strive to provide a personalized and seamless experience that allows my clients to relax and enjoy the moment. This tagline also reflects my belief that photography is an art form that should be enjoyed and celebrated, rather than simply viewed as a commodity.